What You Should Know About a Cobb County DUI

When facing a Cobb County DUI, you will likely have to go to court to defend your case. Hiring a DUI attorney should be your first step after your arrest. However, learning what you can about what will happen after a DUI can be valuable in preparing yourself.

Which Courts Handle Your Case

If your arrest occurred in a city, the municipal court is the most likely to try your case. Arrests made by the county sheriff’s department, a public safety trooper, or an officer in an unincorporated area will likely be in the Cobb County state court. Felony cases go before the county superior court. A fourth DUI within 10 years, vehicular homicide, feticide, and habitual violators qualify as felony cases.

Differences in Courts

Each court treats a Cobb County DUI differently. Dealing with the smaller municipal courts can offer some benefits, including reducing DUI charges to reckless driving, which can mean 24 to 72 hours in jail if you plead guilty. You also have a higher chance of negotiating a plea deal. State courts, however, often require help from a qualified DUI attorney to navigate your case. You must file motions before your arraignment date, needing professional help.

Making a Plea Deal

If your Cobb County DUI allows you to make a plea deal, your attorney will guide you through the process. The state offers DUI programs that can help you reduce fines, community service hours, and jail sentences. The court may also order counseling, treatment, or enhanced supervision while allowing you to remain an active community member. When agreeing to these stipulations, you must follow the court’s instructions to avoid harsher penalties.

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