What You Should Know About a Real Estate Broker in Collegeville, PA

As you begin the process of buying or selling your home, you may be confused by terms you’ve heard relating to the individuals who can help you. While most people are aware of what a real estate agent or a realtor is, a real estate broker in Collegeville, PA, can also help. In short, they serve the same purpose as an agent, but there are some factors you need to know before you decide who to use for your real estate transactions.

What Is a Real Estate Broker?

A real estate broker in Collegeville, PA, can do many of the same things a real estate agent can. They work with buyers to help them find the ideal property to meet their needs and budget, along with sellers who want assistance selling their homes fast for the most reasonable price. You’ll find several types of real estate brokers. An associate broker possesses their broker’s license but chooses to work underneath another broker. Managing brokers oversee real estate offices and serve as the boss in a real estate brokerage. Finally, principal brokers ensure the real estate agents who work under them are compliant with regulations. Each office will have at least one principal broker.

How Are They Paid?

Many home buyers and sellers don’t want to get too many people involved in the transaction because they fear they will have to pay more for the services. The good news is that working with a real estate broker in Collegeville, PA, doesn’t mean you will pay more. Instead, the broker receives a share of the commission directly from the real estate agent you work with for buying or selling your home. There are no additional out-of-pocket expenses associated with hiring a brokerage.

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