What’s The Difference Between Baltimore Pest Control And Extermination?

Homeowners are familiar with termites, roaches, and mice. Pests have many sub-types. With them come the seasons they infest structures and myriad ways of getting rid of them. The snag to that is that they can’t be completely eradicated.

Pests get around our chemicals. They need our warm buildings, food, and water too badly to be sidetracked by chemicals. Which is better, pest control or extermination? Let’s ask pest control Baltimore ,MD, professionals.

What’s The Difference?

An exterminator obliterates a pest and then moves to the next client. However, killing one pest you can see doesn’t stop the hundreds more that are out there from coming inside. The exterminator can’t stay at your house forever to kill the pests. So they come back.

A pest control professional works with homeowners or business owners to find entry points, the type of pest, and the best way to keep them at bay. Some pest control Baltimore, MD, companies use natural methods of pest control like essential oils instead of chemicals.

Which Should Homeowners Choose?

That depends on the type of pest and the conditions around the home. For example, mulch up against the house is an open invitation to pests to enter. Cord wood stacked against the house is the same. A pest control professional will work with you to find a way to prevent their re-entry. That’s the difference. Atlas Exterminator Co. Inc. does both, so contact us when you need to remove pests.

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