When A Big Rig Injures You Or Your Family Members, Contact A Truck Accident Attorney

Tractor trailer trucks cause some of the worst accidents on the highway. There are usually injuries and sometimes death. If you or your family has been involved in this type of accident, you need to contact a truck accident attorney in Chicago. An attorney is not there to even the score, they are there to help you receive the proper and just compensation that you and your family deserve.

Some truck accidents are caused by driver fatigue, road conditions, improper maintenance on the truck and driver error. Truck drivers are regulated by the Federal government. They are under specific rules such as how long they are permitted to drive per day and per week. Maintenance logs of the truck also need to be maintained and must be with the truck at all times. There are so many different regulations for tractor trailers that only an experienced truck accident attorney in Chicago can help you.

When a trucking accident occurs, it normally causes a large pile-up on the highway. This makes the accident investigation very difficult. This is where an experienced attorney can help you. They know what the law is; have the educational background and experience you need to fight back against the trucking companies insurance. Trucking companies make a great deal of profit and have insurance coverage that pays very crafty attorneys to keep their companies from paying out a lot of money due to an accident.

Sometimes collisions are an accident, but an attorney can help you sort through the evidence and give you the guidance that you need. If you have injuries or your family member has been killed, you are entitled to compensation if it was not your fault. If you’re healing from your physical and emotional wounds, you don’t want to worry about talking to insurance companies and trying to figure out how you’re going to financially recover from medical bills and loss of wages.

Don’t suffer in pain and financial worries alone. Hire an experienced attorney to help you and your family receive the compensation you deserve. The attorney can’t fix your medical problems or bring back a loved one, but they can make sure your family is further victimized from the accident. Visit at Shea Law Group for more details.

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