When Do You Need a Marine Survey for Your Boat in Delray Beach, FL?

You know that your home and property get surveyed from time to time, but what about your boat? Although boat surveys are less common than residential property surveys, there are still many instances in which a boat owner may need one. Here are three times when you should consider investing in a boat survey.

You’re Purchasing a Used Boat

If you would never purchase a home without an inspection, you shouldn’t purchase a boat without a survey either. Because sellers sometimes hide things to make a sale, it’s important to obtain your own survey from a qualified surveyor with experience doing marina surveys in Delray Beach, FL.

Your Boat Has Reached a Certain Age

Most marine insurance policies require a survey after a vessel has reached a certain age, which is typically 15 years with subsequent surveys conducted every five years after that.

You’re Involved in Litigation

No one likes dealing with a lawsuit, but having the right surveyor on your side can make the difference between walking away a winner and losing your shirt. Choose an experienced surveyor who has previously dealt with difficult marina surveys in Delray Beach, FL, to help you win your case.

Are you ready to get your boat surveyed? Scott Marine Surveyors of Florida provides inspection services for the structural evaluation of vessels to both private and commercial entities throughout Florida and the east coast. Visit scottmarineofflorida.com to learn more.

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