When Do You Need The Help Of A Child Support Lawyer in Torrance, CA?

When does a parent need the help of a Child Support Lawyer in Torrance CA? A lawyer’s help is usually needed when two parents can’t agree on custody or the terms of financial support. Without a lawyer’s help, it can be incredibly hard for a parent to get just results. A person doesn’t want to represent themselves when they are dealing with a custody or support issue.

A Common Mistake
A father of a child might need a Child Support Lawyer in Torrance CA because the mother of the child said she didn’t want child support and later changed her mind. Although a mother might not want child support at the beginning of the child’s life, she can always change her mind and seek it through the court system. That means the father might have to pay support in the future and have to pay arrears. If two people are unwed and have children, it behooves the father to establish paternity through the courts and seek joint custody.

Loss Of Employment
A parent might have to contact Shook & Associates Inc if they lose their job or take a significant pay cut. If a parent is having problems with employment, they might have trouble with their bills, such as rent or a mortgage. Fortunately, an adjustment to child support payments can be made through the courts. What a parent shouldn’t do is just stop paying without petitioning the court.

Increase Of Income
In some cases, parents get significant pay increases. A parent who is paying support doesn’t have an obligation to report their increases in pay. However, if the other parent finds out about the increase, they can decide to pursue more in child support. The court might order that the paying parent has to make backpay from the date the increase in pay started.

Child support can be complicated. When a parent is ordered to pay support and they don’t comply, they can actually end up in jail because of it. Visit the website of a lawyer to get the right kind of help for these types of cases.

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