When It Is Wise To Hire An Auto Accident Lawyer

If the accident is such that there are severe injuries or considerable damage then it is wise to hire an auto accident lawyer. However, if there is minimal damage or injury there is rarely a need for legal assistance; the same is usually true if the driver that caused the accident is willing to admit such in court. If you are facing large doctor and hospital bills, or it appears you will take several months to fully recuperate, a Chicago auto accident lawyer should be consulted.

If the circumstances are such that you think a lawyer is warranted then make contact as soon as possible and in the meantime refuse to speak to anyone representing an insurance company and never admit any fault.

Hiring your auto accident lawyer:

The majority of auto accident lawyers are happy to provide you with an opportunity to discuss your case at no cost. Unless the situation is such that you need immediate legal advice, take time to schedule consultations with several lawyers, as you will be spending time with your lawyer it is always best to hire one that you feel comfortable with.

Most auto accident lawyers work on contingency; this simply means that in the event they take your case, they will not expect any fee until and unless they win the win the case for you. There will be minor out-of-pocket expenses but these are not excessive. You will want to discuss the arrangement that the lawyer expects, it is prudent for you to expect a contract of service that states the percentage of the award the lawyer charges for his or her legal acumen.

Always bear it in mind that your Chicago auto accident lawyer is only part of the team. To ensure a successful settlement you will be expected to respond to any questions your lawyer might have. Depending on the circumstances that surround the incident the case can take several months to conclude.

An auto accident can be devastating. If you have suffered injuries or considerable property damage you may wish to consider hiring a seasoned Chicago auto accident Attorney. You are invited to contact Shea Law Group.

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