When Laws are Being Violated with Employment, Contact Labor Law Lawyers in Springfield, MA

Employment and labor laws can extend over several categories. Worker’s health and safety, wage and hour, anti-discrimination, anti-harassment laws and wrongful termination are some of the many categories that fall under the scope of work of labor law lawyers in Springfield, MA. Although the normal worker does not understand the exact law, they usually will understand that something is not right, from what they have seen or heard. This is why it’s important to contact a lawyer and get the legal guidance before someone becomes unemployed. For instance, individuals who need to take leave for medical reasons may encounter difficulty working with an employer.

Unlawful termination can occur at any place of employment. Individuals who are in a protected class of workers may be illegally terminated due to their disability, age, sex, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, ethnic background, or even pregnancy. Individuals who fall under one of these categories may be treated unfairly by the employer. The employer could create a hostile work environment by teasing the employee or making offensive comments. When this type of action occurs in a workplace, it’s important to contact labor law lawyers in Springfield, MA, immediately. It’s important not to wait until the individual has been terminated or disciplined to contact a lawyer.

Hourly employees can be taken advantage of by employers. An employer may ask and employee to stay a bit longer without compensating their overtime wages. An employer could inform an employee that no overtime is permitted but insist the employee complete a project off the clock. This is against the law.

Harassment can also become a serious problem in a workplace. The harassment can come from a supervisor or from coworkers. There are numerous laws against harassment in the workplace and a reputable attorney should be contacted when this behavior occurs. Click here for more details about the labor law lawyers in Springfield, MA.

It is important to document the behavior at work if someone feels they are being discriminated against, retaliated against or harassed. It’s important to keep copies of documents that pertain to the employee’s claim. It’s important to secure this information where other employees do not have access to it. For more information on labor and employment legal representation, please feel free to check out Cmolawyers.com.

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