When Liability Car Insurance Is Not Enough

Automobile owners from the Windy City are required to have a car insurance plan in Chicago. Per the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State, a driver must at least have a liability insurance policy. The state’s Mandatory Insurance Law sets the minimum amounts that a policy must pay for property damage and death or injury caused by the policyholder. There are other plans for those who need additional coverage on their automobile.


Those who only have a liability car insurance plan in Chicago must pay to repair their own automobile after an accident, which is a costly expense. However, insurance companies will pay to repair the vehicle of a collision-insurance policyholder. If the insurance company deems the car a total loss, it will cut the insured a check for the value of the automobile at the time of the accident.


Although collision insurance is a wise choice for people who have a small emergency fund or relatively new car, collision policies only pay for damage sustained during a car accident. On the other hand, comprehensive coverage protects drivers in the event of damage from certain weather, animals, and theft.

Personal Injury

Out of the 313,316 automobile crashes that occurred in Illinois in 2015, the Illinois Department of Transportation found that 21 percent of these crashes caused injuries. Accident-related medical bills can quickly reach astronomical heights. Personal injury protection provides medical-bill coverage to the policyholder if he is hurt in a car accident.

Uninsured Motorist

While Illinois requires every driver to have liability car insurance, not everyone follows this mandate. If the liability-insurance policyholder is not at fault and the responsible party does not have any auto insurance, the no-fault policyholder must pay for his own medical care and car repairs unless the at-fault party pays out of pocket.

Illinois Automobile Insurance Plan

High-risk drivers can still obtain a car insurance plan in Chicago even if they cannot find a company that is willing to offer them coverage. Every automobile insurer in Illinois must participate in the Illinois Automobile Insurance Plan, which provides liability, collision, comprehensive and uninsured motorist coverage to those who cannot receive insurance from the regular insurance marketplace. Therefore, anyone in Illinois can have adequate car insurance.

The Great Northern Insurance Company is an Illinois-based insurer. The company focuses on providing auto insurance to Chicagoland customers.

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