When Preparing For an Office Move

Moving is widely considered to be one of the most stressful life experiences a person can have, and relocating an office is no different. In fact, employers may find office relocation even more stressful than moving into a new home. office movers in Tulsa can help alleviate that stress by assisting in not only the planning of the move but also in the implementation of the move. Here are some important qualities to look for in office movers.

First, office movers should be willing to work with clients ahead of the move to establish a solid moving day plan. Generally, this will involve visiting the office to get a good general idea of exactly what the move is going to involve. The items that need to be moved, which will generally be nearly everything in the building, should be clearly marked and labeled to make it easier for the office movers to create a realistic estimate. If anything needs to be moved sooner or later than other pieces, it is very important that this is conveyed to the movers well ahead of the move. An office move may be very different than a home move because the office may need to remain fully functional in terms of communication as long as possible. This means that removing the telephones, fax machines, and other communication devices may need to be the last thing that is done.

Another thing to look for in an office moving company is a firm price estimate. Many moving companies move items according to overall weight, but it can be difficult to estimate weights sometimes. Ask the potential office movers if they are going to stick to an original estimate or if that estimate may have to be adjusted later if it turns out that the office contents were much heavier than expected.

Insurance is always important during a move. Ask potential movers if they are fully insured. This will protect any office supplies that may be damaged or lost along the way. While item loss is not common, it’s always best to be prepared. An excellent local option in Office Movers in Tulsa is Move That Stuff. Visit their website to learn more about their services today!

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