When Will the Dentist Recommend a Root Canal in Southfield?

The goal of the dentist is to ensure very patient enjoys the highest standard of dental health possible. At times, the recommendation may be to have a Root Canal in Southfield. This type of invasive procedure can become necessary for a number of reasons. Here are a few examples.

Severe Reactions to Heat and Cold

When a tooth has become extremely sensitive to heat and cold, it could be time to consider the idea of a Root Canal in Southfield. Assuming the tooth appears healthy and the enamel shows no excessive signs of wear, there could be as abscess around the root of the tooth. If some tests indicate the presence of an abscess, the only way to take care of the problem is to undergo this type of procedure.

The Removal of a Badly Decayed Tooth

When the tooth is effectively dead due to a large amount of decay, a simple extraction may not be possible. Attempting this action could mean leaving behind a portion of the root. Since that would only pave the way for more problems down the road, the dentist will recommend a root canal to ensure every last piece of the tooth is removed, up to and including the nerve around the root. While this will mean spending more than the cost of a simple extraction, it will ultimately mean better health for the patient.

Damage From an Accident

When an auto or other type of accident causes trauma to the mouth, it pays to determine if the damage extends to the nerve around the root of the tooth. If so, the only practical approach is to undergo a root canal. Doing so will prevent the patient from experiencing residual pain in the months and years after the accident.

For anyone who has a problem tooth and wonders what could be done about the situation, it pays to contact Making Beautiful Smiles and arrange to see a professional as soon as possible. Depending on the condition of the tooth, it will be possible to explore different options and determine what must be done to protect the dental health of the patient.

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