When You May Need The Help Of An Auto Accident Attorney

Auto accidents are the number one reason for filing an injury claim in court. With the ever increasing number of vehicles on the road, this is bound to get worse. It is estimated that there is a car accident every 60 seconds of every day, this adds up to more than six million accidents a year. There are over three million people injured and tens of thousands of fatalities. Many victims find themselves turning to Chicago auto accident attorneys to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver held responsible for causing the accident.

Legal measures can be pursued:

If you are one of the unfortunate victims in a car accident, you can hire an attorney and file a personal injury lawsuit against the other party. In the event there was a fatality, the attorney can file a wrongful death claim. Personal injury lawsuits seek compensation through a monetary award. The award normally consists of that amount of money necessary to cover all expenses including medical bills, vehicle repair. lost wages, rehab therapy as well as compensation for pain and suffering. When you hire Chicago auto accident attorneys find ones that have a good record in winning cases of this nature.

If the attorney is of the same opinion that you are; namely that the accident constitutes a claim for personal injury, the attorney can help prove that you in no way contributed to the accident and your injuries and damage are the responsibility of the negligent party.

What will your attorney do?

Chicago auto accident attorneys will file a case on your behalf. Many attorneys work on contingency, they are only paid when they win the case for you. As you will be working closely with your attorneys make sure you feel comfortable with them and that they have a good reputation for winning.

If you have been injured in a car accident through no fault of you own you can claim damages against the at-fault driver of the other vehicle. To discuss the merits of your claim you are welcome to contact the Shea Law Group. Follow us on our facebook page.

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