Where can you get upscale apartments for cheap?

If you lived in New York City, you know you are not getting a Manhattan apartment for under fifteen hundred dollars. Living in NYC is very expensive, and a recent search for a midtown nyc studio revealed apartments for as little as $1,450 and as high as ten thousand. In fact if you are earning fifty thousand a year you can barely afford a studio. But because the price of living is so high in New York, most people don’t get the full NYC experience.

Where can you go?

There is amazing great place in New Jersey called Edison. Apartments there have lower prices than basic NYC apartment but with more amenities. Edison apartments are usually much larger, and beautifully elegant. The surrounding areas resemble the country with amazing trails and places where you can bike ride or jog. Edison apartments often swimming pools and indoor fitness rooms. New Jersey is a great place to start your future.Edison apartments are great for moving a family into. With beautiful playgrounds and amazing schools,

Edison apartments are only few minutes from New York City, so commuting to your job is never a problem.  Some apartments even have a view of New York, others have beautiful New Jersey views.. But wherever your apartment is facing, you will at least have a sight to behold. Edison apartments are cable ready, have their own heating and air conditioning systems, and onsite, indoor and outdoor nearby parking.

Edison apartments reside in large communities of vibrant people and thriving businesses.  There are many shopping areas close by; the residents that occupy Edison apartments are typically polite, courteous, and generous. It is a very close knit community with respect for their fellow neighbors.

Edison apartments are apartments that offer a quiet   retreat. When you are tired of the city life and the high demands of living, New Jersey is a great place to live. You can still work in NY and still enjoy a  a place away from the hectic city life. Some people prefer not to drive such a long commute. Some people do not want to spend so much on gas just to get to work.  That is very understandable however there are plenty of easy commuting options including  busses and trains where you can read, relax or just rest your head. Some commuter trains even have a bar car where you can enjoy a drink to help you relax on your commute home.

Edison apartments are great for the businessman and businsess woman, juggling work and family.. They allow you a retreat away from the city and a close commute to your workplace. Whenever you have a chance you should visit Edison, New Jersey and see how beautiful it is.

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