Where Does Wholesale Mexican Food in New York City Come From?

No matter what the nationality or the ethnicity of the hungry diner may be there is almost no one who doesn’t like Mexican Cuisine. Though it is usually thought of as being hot and spicy, there is such a wide range of culinary choices that there is something available to please virtually any palate. Certainly we are all familiar with tacos, burritos and other well-known ‘street foods’ (so-called because they are portable and can be eaten without utensils), but there is also barbacoa, cabrito, carnitas and mole (mo-LAY) to name just a few.

Mexico is a big country, and there are many regional variations in the cuisine there, just as there are in the United States. A good example is fish tacos, which are quite tasty but confined mostly to the coastal areas and relatively unheard-of in the central highlands. In addition, the coming of the Spanish beginning with Columbus in 1492 changed local cuisine and added European influences to the menu.

Mexican Cuisine has been known and loved in the Southwestern United States for many years but was slower to catch on in other parts of the country until relatively recently. In 1968 Louis and Carol Barbone decided to take a risk and opened the first taco stand in New York City. As one might imagine, it was difficult. Not only was the public uninformed about Mexican cuisine, but with only four Mexican restaurants plus a taco stand, it was hard to get Wholesale Mexican Food in New York City.

By 1972 there were six Mexican restaurants in the Big Apple and all of them were buying fresh tortillas made daily by Louis and Carol. The rest, as they say, is history. Louis and Carol renovated a 7000 sq.ft. building for use as a tortilla plant. in 1985 they built a new 20,000 sq.ft. facility and outgrew it in just two years, doubling its size to 40,000 sq. ft. in 1987. Today it’s forty years later, and the company has a fleet of ten trucks. It purveys every imaginable item related to Mexican cuisine from tortillas to bar supplies and packaging and regularly delivers Wholesale Mexican Food ingredients and supplies throughout New York City, most of New York state, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
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