Where You Can Publish Sales Training Articles

by | Feb 21, 2024 | Sales coaching

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In today’s dynamic business landscape, staying ahead in sales requires not just effective techniques but also a commitment to continuous learning and development. We’ll look at a number of venues in this post where you may contribute your knowledge on sales training articles, reaching a large readership and having a significant effect on the field of sales education.

  1. Business Publications: Look for reputable business publications, both online and in print, that accept guest contributions. These could include Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., and Business Insider.
  1. Industry-specific Websites: Explore websites and online magazines focused on your particular industry. Many of these platforms accept guest posts and articles related to sales and business development.
  1. Educational Platforms: Websites like Udemy, Coursera, or Teachable allow experts to create and publish courses on various topics, including sales training. You can also write articles or create content within these platforms.
  1. Social Media Platforms: Utilize platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share bite-sized sales training tips, snippets, or links to longer articles hosted elsewhere.
  1. Email Newsletters: Consider starting an email newsletter where you can regularly share valuable sales training insights, tips, and articles with subscribers. Platforms like Mailchimp or ConvertKit can help you manage and distribute your newsletter.
  1. Podcasts: If you prefer spoken content, consider starting a sales training podcast or being a guest on existing podcasts in the sales and business niche. You can share your expertise and reach a new audience through audio content.
  1. Online Forums and Communities: Engage in online groups, discussion boards, and forums pertaining to business, sales, and professional growth. Even if you aren’t allowed to post entire articles, you may interact with other users, answer questions, and offer insightful commentary.
  1. YouTube Channel: Create videos focused on sales training techniques, strategies, and tips. YouTube is a powerful platform for reaching a wide audience and establishing yourself as an authority in the sales training space.
  1. Local Publications: Don’t overlook local newspapers, magazines, or business journals. They may be interested in featuring articles from local experts, including those in sales and business development.
  1. Collaborative Platforms: Look at collaborative content creation services such as GitHub or GitLab, which are often used for software development. You can work with other experts to create comprehensive sales training resources.

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