Who Must Be Accountable for The Health and Safety of Truckers?

As one of the major truck brokerage companies, we understand the difficulties involved in managing health and safety within the trucking industry. Nevertheless, there must be clear inspirational leadership from the top so that all leaders and managers show why health and safety training and total involvement, is so important.

How Can Health and Safety Be Improved

While drivers prefer to spend their time on the highways, driving cross-country to earn a good living, as do truck brokerage companies, they realize it is important to stay up-to-date with all positive health and safety initiatives. This involves the entire teams, consisting of drivers, managers, dispatchers and load planners. Where there is a problem or difficulty, there are a wide range of great minds that can help solve the situation.

When everyone is involved within the planning for health and safety and believe they have an opportunity to participate in the decision-making process, the shared goal is more likely to be achieved. We would ask the question and wonder, that by making people responsible for delivering part of the health and safety initiatives, are they going to require specific incentives because they become accountable for their actions?

Increasing the Skill Levels

We must be able to assess whether everyone has the necessary abilities and skills to be able to perform their jobs in the safest manner. What resources do we need to provide to ensure that these high standards are maintained?

As truck brokerage companies, it is always our intention to ensure that all truckers can plan enough time for their work to be completed in a safe manner. We also wish to see our trackers achieve the highest levels of health and fitness, so they can carry out their work productively.

Fortunately, we know that truckers value efficient training and realize that it must be ongoing, as technology and methods change over the years. Truckers understand the benefits of investing in their future and this can only be achieved when the highest standards of health and safety can be maintained.

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