Who Needs Mobile Grooming?

We live in a service-driven economy. People often make money by doing things for other people that they don’t want to do or can’t do themselves. Mobile pet grooming in Louisville, KY is no different. In fact, there are many reasons why mobile grooming is needed.

Small car, big dog:
Let’s say there’s a couple out there that has three dogs. Not just dogs, adult Malamutes. And their car is a two-seater. This poses a problem when it’s time to go to the groomer. Since there is no comfortable or safe way to make it to the groomer’s in one trip, they can contact mobile pet grooming in Louisville, KY to pay a home visit.

Rescuers with numerous dogs:
There are many people who foster dogs until they’re healthy enough to be adopted or until they find their forever home. Many people love dogs, and if given the opportunity, would take them in to save their life, whether they have two dogs or 10. For arguments’ sake, we’ll say there is a foster family with seven dogs. It would make the dogs and their owner extremely uncomfortable and probably unsafe to try to load all of the dogs into the car for a drive to the groomer. To avoid such pitfalls, the foster family can call a mobile pet grooming service to come to their home.

Senior citizens:
Senior citizens still love their dogs, though they may not have the strength, agility, or energy to take them for outings in the car. For instance, if a senior citizen has a Shih Tzu, which is a breed of dog that needs routine grooming and maintenance, and they aren’t supposed to drive, or are perhaps in ill health, how can they make sure their companion is still taken care of? They can call a mobile pet grooming service in Louisville, KY to come to their front door.

Senior dogs:
When dogs get older, they start to lose their sight, their hearing goes bad, they often have painful arthritis, and sometimes senility. With this in mind, almost no owner of a senior dog would willingly put their dog through the trauma of traveling to the groomer. The aging dog still needs to be well-groomed, and if they suffer from incontinence or other age-related issues that make grooming especially important and even more frequently needed, an appointment with the local mobile pet grooming service in Louisville, KY, can decrease the stress of being groomed.

These aren’t all of the scenarios that would pose a need for mobile pet grooming in Louisville, KY, but at least there are a few to show that mobile grooming truly is needed.

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