Who Should See a Foot Doctor?

Family doctors can handle a lot of common ailments from bacterial infections to simple muscle sprains. There are some times when it is best to see a foot specialist in addition to your regular family doctor. A trained foot specialist has completed advanced training to specialize in the treatment of many types of foot disorders, foot infections and chronic or complicated injuries involving the foot and ankle areas. There is a competent foot doctor South Side Chicago residents can count on for diabetic foot care, foot/ankle related injuries, deformities of the smaller bones within the foot and/or toe regions and many other issues.

Many seniors develop serious foot issues that can impact their balance and cause discomfort. Some children are born with foot or toe deformities that will typically need the expertise of a qualified foot doctor South Side Chicago family and emergency room physicians often refer their patients to. Foot specialists can also provide in-depth teaching on the proper care and protection of the feet and ankles that is important for those involved in sports and senior citizens to learn and practice on a daily basis. Foot injuries that are not treated correctly in a prompt time frame can become much more serious.

Our feet take a lifetime of strain and stress pounding down on the tiny bones, muscles, tendons, and other foot structures. If not protected and cared for in the right manner, our feet can develop unnecessary problems later down the road. Wearing tight shoes that do not provide the proper support can bring on foot related ailments like sprains, fallen arches, bunions, corns and more. Flip flops are also not recommended for anything except beach/poolside wear. A premier foot doctor at Mitchell Foot & Ankle can be contacted online anytime at https://www.hydeparkfootdoctor.com.

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