Who to Contact When You Have an Eminent Domain Issue in Texas

Few subjects anger Texans as much as when the government tries to take their land. For Texans, their land is sacred. They may have ranch land on which they grow crops, have oil, or graze their animals as they prepare them for sale. When you try to take a Texan’s land, you have better prepare for a fight.

There are not that large a number of attorneys and law firms that are able to handle these types of cases but you better believe that when it comes to a private landowner attorney in Texas there are some mighty great firms to handle your case.

This type of case arises when the government, be it federal, state, or local wants to take tour land through the process of eminent domain or condemnation. The difference between the two is that eminent domain is when the government (on rare occasions, a private company) wants the land for a public purpose. This can be for a school, a park, or some other public purpose. The constitution of the United States allows this but it calls for fair compensation. On the other hand, condemnation is the legal procedure that occurs before the right to eminent domain is exercised.

If this issue happens to you, as a Texan, you need the best private landowner attorney in Texas. Gattis Law Firm, PC can help you with any issues that occur such as notification of intention, getting you the best compensation possible, and finding out the actual and true reason the government wants your particular land. Visit Gattis Law Firm, PC for more information.

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