Why a Disability Attorney is Important, Find One Now in Charlotte NC

Many Americans find that they cannot work as they get older. Whether you were in a workplace accident or find that your body hasn’t aged well, you don’t have to suffer alone. A disability attorney can help you go through the process of applying for Social Security and can also make it easier to win your case. Charlotte NC residents who have never been through the application process can get help from a qualified lawyer who knows more about the process.

Prepare Initial Claim

Some people believe that you have to go through the initial application process alone before you can hire someone to help. However, lawyers can start your claim for you. They fill out all the necessary information and ensure that you have to document evidence to support your claim. Many times, this extra step ensures that your claim is approved the first time. However, the SSA office may still deny your claim, which means you must appeal the decision.


The majority of applications are initially denied, even if you do have a lawyer on your side. However, they are excellent at preparing appeal claims, as well. The Social Security Administration keeps strict deadlines, so it’s best to start the appeals process as soon as you can. Your lawyer should already know about these deadlines and start working with you on your case.


Most claims are denied because they don’t have enough supporting evidence. Attorneys can talk to your doctors and hospital to get all the information necessary to support your case. They can also recommend that your doctor fill out other documentation to help support you.

A disability attorney helps you through each step of the application and appeals process. Visit Hunter & Everage in Charlotte NC at website to learn how they can help you.

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