Why Axe Throwing Companies Should Switch to Digital Waivers

by | May 20, 2022 | Software

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Axe throwing has become a well-established sport, attracting both the young and old. Axe throwing is relatively safe as long as safety instructions are followed. However, people that own an ax-throwing business will still want to protect themselves from any issues with liability.

How To Protect From Liability

The best way a business owner can protect themselves from liability is to have everyone sign a waiver before they get to participate in the axe throwing. An axe throwing waiver will help to inform participants of the risks of playing this sport. If people do not sign this waiver, they should not get to participate. To do an axe throwing waiver, many businesses will print off the form, and have people sign when they come in.

The problem with printing off a paper waiver is the fact that the owner will then have to store these papers. If they have a lot of business, these waivers can quickly become lost. If something happens, people may be able to claim that they did not sign this waiver. The best way to protect the business and keep the waiver is to do electronic waivers for axe throwing.

These electronic waivers for axe throwing are kept online and done completely where the business has access to them whenever they need it. This helps to promote the organization and will make the signing process all the easier. A tablet or computer can be set up, and people will be able to sign the waiver as soon as they walk in.

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