Why bi-annual roof inspections are recommended in Lombard

For many people, getting the construction company who built their house to conduct a roof inspection would seem to be a good idea. This company would know the design of the building and the roof and so would be familiar with all the various details. But, actually, this company would probably have contracted the roof out to a roofing specialist, so they might not be able to offer the expert opinion that is needed. What is required is a competent roofing specialist who knows exactly what a roof inspection should entail. In Lombard, there are many professional roofers, so it would be necessary to look at a company’s track record and to read something about what previous clients had to say about the company.

A thorough roof inspection

The easier things for a roofer in Lombard to pinpoint are things that most unqualified people would probably be able to discover themselves. This would include any punctures in the roof membrane, holes in the flashings or flashings that are slipping. If a roof has metal components, it’s important to check whether they are still in a good condition or have become rusted. Any collection of leaves or rubbish on the roof is also a danger signal as it shows neglect of the roof, and could lead to standing water and blocked drains.

Every homeowner should, ideally, keep a record of their roof, the drawings of the roof when it was constructed, and the maintenance conducted on it. Some companies provide pictures to the homeowner before and after an inspection, and these are very useful to provide to the roofer. The professional will be looking for deformed edges, buckled shingles, missing tabs, metal corrosion, as well as inspecting the fascia boards, the flashing, the gutters and the drains. If skylights or chimneys are present, the sealing around these also need to be tested. Sometimes the climate control exhaust systems are situated on the roof and the roofer needs to ensure that fumes from these vents are not damaging the roof membrane.

Conditions in Lombard

In an area where there are extremes of temperature and heavy snow falls, it is essential that a roof is inspected on an annual basis. Some roofers recommend a bi-annual inspection in the spring and fall – in other words, before the worst of the weather is experienced. This way, if there has been UV damage in the summer or particularly heavy falls of snow in the winter, the damage will be detected early.

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