Why Clients Choose Long Term Portable Storage Units

The storage industry has grown quickly as Americans become more mobile. Thousands of people put belongings in storage units when they downsize, relocate, or even when they are expanding small businesses. However, it is becoming very common for those customers to choose Long Term Portable Storage Units instead of conventional, brick-and-mortar facilities. Portable units offered by businesses like MODS of NY are convenient, adaptable, affordable, and secure.

Movable Units Solve a Variety of Problems
When customers move any property into permanent storage, they must travel to the businesses in order to add or remove items. This is not always convenient, especially for commercial customers who often need supplies in a hurry. Many have solved the problem by renting Long Term Portable Storage Units that can be moved to any location they want, for as long as they want. Those who choose MODS (Mobile On Demand Storage) are offered units in a range of sizes. The containers can hold furniture when home owners are renovating, store belongings during moves, become portable offices and be converted into tool sheds.

MODS Can Be Customized
Although general-use portable containers are often just large, empty bins, many are customized to suit clients’ needs. Businesses routinely request a FREE Estimate when they need temporary office trailers delivered to work sites. This option is popular because portable storage experts can affordably alter units to add bathrooms, offices, desks, tables, electricity and flooring. Some units are modified to add shelving, and climate-controlled containers are often used to house perishable products.

Eco-Friendly Units Provide Secure Storage
Well-built portable storage units are as secure as their permanent alternatives. The earth-friendly units are often made from heavy-duty shipping containers that have been re-purposed instead of destroyed. As a result, they often include locking bars, are weather resistant, and have walls made from corrosion-resistant steel. They also include anti-theft padlock cowls. Containers are inspected carefully before they are delivered to clients, and special transport equipment ensures that contents are safe when bins are being moved.

Portable storage is attracting thousands of residential and commercial customers who need convenient, affordable extra space. Movable units are well made and can be customized to fit customers’ needs. They very safe and can be moved to almost any location.

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