Why Consider A Pet Dental Service Close To Chicago

Living in the Windy City means that you have a variety of options available whenever you want to do something or need help. Dentists, grocery stores, and shopping malls abound, but most homeowners forget about checking their pet’s teeth. It probably isn’t part of your regular routine because it’s not something you consider, but your pet requires a dental service just as much as you. It makes sense to choose one close to Chicago because it means you don’t have as far to travel, meaning you’re more willing to make it to their appointment.

Check Their Mouth

Have you ever had pain in your tooth or gums? It isn’t a pleasant experience, and it probably drove you straight to your dentist. However, pets can’t tell you what is wrong or that there is a problem. Nor can they rush themselves to a dentist because they rely on you to know that something is amiss and to fix the problem. Therefore, it makes good sense to check inside their mouth periodically. While there is no magical number, it’s best to do so a few times a month or once a week. If you notice anything untoward, get a pet dental service close to Chicago as soon as you can.

Oral And Overall Health

You may not realize it, but pets with poor oral health are more likely to have other health problems. Research has shown that periodontal bacteria in the mouth can cause infections in the kidneys, liver, and heart of animals. Periodontal disease can also be linked to heart disease and diabetes. It’s crucial that you get your furry friend to a dentist or veterinarian to prevent and control such things.

A pet dental service close to Chicago ensures that your furry friend has a healthy mouth and better quality of life. Visit Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic for more information now.

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