Why do People Really Use High Vis Workwear?

All of us at some point have seen a roadworker or someone on a construction site wearing high-vis workwear. These are the yellow or orange jackets and wearable items that have reflective strips on them to make them easier to see.

What is the actual purpose of this equipment though? Does it really make a difference?

Come and find out what it is for and what it can prevent in the workplace.

Who wears high-vis workwear?

It is very rare that you will ever see a person wearing high-vis equipment indoors unless they are coming from doing some work outside. That’s the first clue right there.

Next, it is important to remember that many bicyclists, runners, and motorbikers also wear high-vis equipment on the road. Why?

Well, it is because most high-visibility workwear is designed around places that have roads, parking spaces, or other moving machinery like forklifts. This is why you often see it on parking attendants, construction workers, factory workers, and road workers amongst others.

Does high-vis workwear actually work?

High visibility attire saves many lives every year by making the wearer more visible to those around them. In this way, you become less likely to get hit by a car, less likely to become obscured by darkness, and less likely to meet your end in a tragic work accident.

Most fatal accidents and serious injuries in the workplace are not caused intentionally. But, if someone cannot see you, then they cannot avoid you. This is why these high-vis jackets and other gear are essential. It makes you stand out and it protects you from camouflaging in the environment.

When you wear your bright and reflective workwear, you make it easy for drivers and machine operators to take note of your presence and to take steps to avoid harming you in any way. So does it work? Yes! Yes, it does.

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