Why Do You Need a Separation Attorney in Bethlehem, PA?

It’s not easy to keep a marriage together. Kids, work and stress can all have an impact on the relationship, causing tension and strain. For some, the idea of separation is the best option. While divorce may be in the future, separation offers a chance to see how things go before making that final decision. Even though you aren’t going through with a divorce, it still helps to have a separation attorney in Bethlehem, PA on hand to represent your best interests.

Written Agreement

Just like a divorce, couples that decide on separation are still going to need a written agreement about the parameters of the situation. This includes everything from how custody of the kids will be divided to how the money will be split up during this time. Anytime there is a written agreement on anything, it helps to have a lawyer present to provide legal advice and counsel. Don’t assume that because it isn’t an actual divorce, there is no need for a lawyer.

Problems with the Agreement

Once the agreement is signed, both parties hope that the other will abide by the parameters it lays out. But what happens when one person doesn’t follow the custody agreement? What happens when one person is stuck paying all the bills without the benefit of both paychecks? When conflict occurs, it helps to have an attorney to sort things out. If there is any tension or disagreement, it can be tough to try and work these things out alone. A separation attorney in Bethlehem, PA can help determine the best course of action to remedy the situation.

Option to Move Forward

What if the separation is successful and both people agree that divorce is the right choice? The separation attorney can follow through with the case and assist with the divorce proceedings. It’s helpful to have someone that is familiar with the situation, that understands what a client needs from the divorce settlement. Because the transition from separation to divorce can be difficult, working with the same legal professional can make things a little easier.

Meet Conrad Attorneys and set up an appointment for a consultation. Whether you’ve already decided to go ahead with a separation or you are weighing your options, it helps to get legal advice. You want to make sure that someone is looking out for you.

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