Why Go For Clear Braces

Until the late 20th century, braces resembled ancient torture devices. Patients who wore them certainly did not look forward to the experience. Luckily this changed in the 1970s when technology evolved dramatically. What emerged afterwards was a new line of improved braces. While still not clear braces, they were a tremendous enhancement over older versions. It was not until the end of the 20th century when clear braces in Chicago became a reality with Invisalign being the most prominent.

Invisible Braces

Clear braces serve a definite purpose by design. They help to correct abnormal bites, align and straighten teeth, and other dental issues. And as of this article, braces are commonly available in the following types:

*Metal/Traditional Braces: Consist of fairly visible wires and brackets.

*Lingual Braces: Braces of this category are invisible but not clear. The brackets and wires are positioned behind the teeth making them somewhat hidden.

*Self-Litigating/Clear Braces: This is a newer technology than lingual braces offering a clear option such as Empower braces.

*Invisalign: These are the most common clear braces – clear plastic aligners personalized for each patient according to a specific treatment plan.

Of the above-mentioned types, Invisalign is the most sought after treatment in the market today.

Why Go For Clear Braces?

Invisalign consists of clear plastic aligners. The orthodontist fits them specifically to your teeth in accordance with a specific treatment plan. They have become highly popular amongst both teens and adults for many reasons including their ease of use and being nearly invisible. As such, they can be taken off and put on very quickly, and can be worn at school and at work without most people noticing them.

In addition, Invisalign are preferred by most patients due to the following reasons:

*Can be worn anywhere, anytime without embarrassment.
*Can be removed when eating or brushing teeth.
*Fit naturally into daily life.

But the most important reason of all, is their ability to correct most cosmetic teeth issues and generate a near perfect smile for patients of all ages.

Lippitz Orthodontics strongly believes that everyone has the right to a high quality orthodontic treatment and a perfect smile. Their professional orthodontic care specialists can explain the various treatments available to each patient. They can also explain “Why Go for Clear Braces,” versus traditional braces. Their board certified orthodontists will ensure that you receive the best available treatment possible.

To learn more about Lippitz Orthodontics and their wide range of orthodontic treatments including clear braces, please visit them online.

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