Why Hire A Disability Attorney In Winfield?

Most people don’t understand what it’s like to be seriously ill or injured. You feel vulnerable, afraid, and hopeless because your future looks dim. You may wonder how to cover bills and whether or not you can afford groceries and/or medications. However, you don’t have to feel so lost because relief is there if you know where to look. Social security disability provides financial assistance to those who can’t work because they are disabled, ill, or injured. It can provide long-term or short-term relief, depending on your situation, but it isn’t as easy to get as you may believe. An attorney in Winfield could be your best shot at getting what you deserve faster.

Claim With Merit

During the initial interview, you will discuss your situation at length, and the lawyer will be able to tell you if you should establish a claim or not. If they don’t think you’ll win or that you have a case, they will tell you, giving you the information you need before going through such an exhausting and lengthy process. You can save time and money by finding out sooner.

Common Errors

A disability attorney in Winfield can make it easier to fill out the application and all other paperwork. Even a minute mistake, such as forgetting to date or sign can cause significant delays. In some cases, the Social Security Administration denies any claim without all the proper information in the right spot, without determining if the case has merit. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to have the forms filled out correctly.

A disability attorney in Winfield knows the ins and outs of SSD thoroughly and can help you through the process. Visit The Law Offices of Rabin, Kodner & Brown today for more information.

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