Why Homeowners Are Choosing Poured Seamless Floor Covering

It is becoming common for creative homeowners to shy away from traditional floor coverings like wood, tile, and carpeting. Many are installing poured seamless Floor Covering instead. The choice is becoming popular because companies like Hoff man Floor Covering Corporation provide a range of design choices, expert installation and guaranteed quality. Clients are also attracted to poured materials’ easy maintenance, durability, and beauty.

Commercial-Grade Materials Work in Homes

Hospitals, showrooms, schools, and industry, have been choosing poured floors for decades. That is because surfaces are non-slip and stand up well to heavy traffic. Residential customers who want the same qualities are now choosing the seamless Floor Covering for kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, basements and garages. Its non-porous surfaces do not include hard-to-maintain grout lines and are simple to keep clean. They do not collect dust, bacteria and pet hair, which makes them healthier than other options and ideal for children’s areas. Poured materials also provide practical beauty for patios, home gyms, and dining areas.

Poured Flooring Offers Many Options

Homeowners also like the choices that poured materials offer. Flooring specialists will create unique designs that include a Terrazzo effect. They can copy designs and colors from client photos. Customers can choose from materials that include urethane, acrylics, epoxies and self-levelers. Specialists can often customize materials with flakes, quartz and other additives that provide distinctive looks. Flooring is exceptionally hard, scratch resistant and glossy. Clients can choose UV stable materials that will not yellow in sunlight.

Seamless Flooring Is Designer Chic

Clients often install seamless poured flooring when they want a designer look. Hard, seamless surfaces create a unified, clean style for lofts or large spaces. Finished in white or light colors, they provide low-maintenance, high-style flooring that creates the illusion of space in tiny areas. Many customers use poured materials as part of “Industrial Chic” decorating. Seamless floors that are continued from room to room add an airy, open element to homes.

Many customers are now adding poured flooring to their homes instead of using traditional materials. Some like the materials’ clean, easy-to-maintain durability. Others are attracted by the range of choices and the fact that seamless poured materials can be exceptionally stylish.

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