Why It’s Important to Call a Pro for Repairs to Air Conditioning in Sumner WA

Homeowners are faced with a variety of home repairs and maintenance tasks. While many things can be done in-house, certain tasks should be left to the professionals. Knowing when to call for expert help can be difficult, especially when cost is a primary concern. There are several parts of the home that can cause serious trouble when DIY repairs are done, and air conditioning in Sumner WA is one of them. Here, homeowners can find out when it’s time to call an HVAC expert.

A Requirement for Proper Tools and Equipment

For proper AC repairs, the necessary equipment goes beyond that found in a basic toolkit. While having the right tools is important, knowing how to use those tools is another matter. A local HVAC repair company can do the job quickly, safely and efficiently.

Gas Leaks

The state of the AC system can affect the rest of the home. With gas units, a leak can allow dangerous carbon monoxide into the building, but a professional can keep these risks from happening.

Chemical Burns

A home’s air conditioning system uses refrigerant to cool the inside of the structure. If the refrigerant comes into contact with skin, it can cause serious burns. The Environmental Protection Agency has strict rules on refrigerant disposal and handling, and professionals know how to abide by those rules.

Water Damage

If a system uses water there’s always the chance of a leak, which can cause mold and mildew issues. Count on a professional for safe, mold-free air conditioning in Sumner WA.

Voiding a Warranty

Most HVAC equipment manufacturers require a licensed, certified technician to do repairs. If a homeowner tampers with a system and makes a mistake, the warranty can be voided. Homeowners should leave complex issues to the professionals, and they should call the pros for routine maintenance as well.

Regular Maintenance

 * Clean or change air filters once per month or as recommended

 * Set the thermostat to a seasonal schedule

 * Ensure that the condenser unit is debris-free and that trees and shrubs aren’t too close

 * Clean the condensate drain of blockages

 * Clear the base pan of debris

When they’re in doubt, homeowners should always have AC issues diagnosed by a professional. It’s better to be safe than sorry, particularly when the family’s safety and comfort are at stake.

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