Why More Homeowners Are Choosing To Install Metal Decorative Ceilings In Long Island, NY

by | Jul 7, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

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One of the last household elements most people think of decorating is their ceiling. Most homeowners choose to paint their ceiling a solid color such as white, which provides a clean, fresh appearance. Despite paint being the most attractive option, other individuals choose to install Metal Decorative Ceilings in Long Island NY and give their home a personalized look. While the visual appeal is one of the most common reasons to choose a metal ceiling, there are many other benefits associated with using it. Learn more about why more people are opting to think outside the box and turn their ceilings into works of art.

Easy To Clean

One of the only ways to remove stains and dinginess from a painted ceiling is to repaint it. This is time-consuming, and most people cringe at the idea of having to paint a ceiling. A metal installation is easy to clean, and homeowners can use a sponge mop to wipe away any stains or discoloration without the utilization of a ladder or the expense associated with a painting project. Make cleaning a quick task by using metal tiles for any ceilings that are in high-traffic areas.

Style Matching

Metal Decorative Ceilings in Long Island NY come in a wide range of styles and can be designed to match the style of any home. Whether a house was built using art deco, colonial, or Gothic inspiration, there will be a ceiling tile design that will accompany it perfectly. Give any home a new luster by doing away with painted ceilings and having a metal tile ceiling installed. It can be the perfect finishing touch to any home renovation project.

Customized Appearance

Some homeowners want to achieve a look that is different and not commonly seen. While metal ceiling tiles are growing in popularity, they are not seen as frequently. Anyone can give their home a customized, high-end look by choosing to take a different design approach and cover old plaster or drywall ceilings with quality metal tiles that will add pizazz and flair.

Installing a metal ceiling isn’t easy, and most homeowners agree that it is a job best left to a professional. Abingdon Construction specializes in metal ceiling installation and can give any home a fresh new look. Set Up An Appointment today to get a free in-home quote, and see how easy and affordable a customized ceiling can be.