Why People Need In-Patient Rehabilitation

There are many instances when people are released from the hospital and are feeling pretty good and generally healthy but are still not ready to return to their homes.  This might be because they live alone and so they need to be able to physically care for themselves when they get there and they just are not ready yet.  Or, it might be because a spouse is elderly or cannot be there with the patient for 24 hours a day, so the patient has to be taught how to move and care for himself.   Or, it might just be that some new reality has to be dealt with such as an amputation of some toes as is common with diabetics or perhaps the replacement of a knee joint or hip joint and the patient has to learn how to walk again with these changes in their body.

In any of these cases, it is very possible that a doctor will prescribe in-patient rehabilitation in Lubbock TX for the patient.  In a rehabilitation setting, the patient will have physical therapy for a few hours each day and possible occupational therapy as well.  These therapies complement each other in teaching skills necessary for the patient being able to take care of himself at home.  For example, the patient may learn how to get out of bed and transfer to a walker or to a wheelchair, how to get to and from the toilet, how to go up and down stairs, how to walk using a walker, cane, or move around in a wheelchair.

When a patient goes into the in-patient rehabilitation in Lubbock TX facility, there are usually goals set for what the patient needs to be able to do to be released.  Each patient will have a personalized set of goals based on life circumstances, home circumstances, and health circumstances.  Age, physical strength, family assistance, home health care available, etc. will all be taken into account when those goals are set.  Then, usually a time frame is given that is realistic for the patient achieving those goals.  That is not a guarantee that the patient will actually be released on time because things can go wrong with the planned therapies or there may be setbacks.  Sometimes the in-patient rehabilitation in Lubbock TX goals will even be decreased if the patient is simply not progressing as expected.

In-Patient rehabilitation Lubbock TX In-patient rehabilitation have a very important role to play in making sure that the patient is able to care for himself at home. Crown Point Health Suites provides this facilities to help patient reach their maximum physical potential.

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