Why Small Businesses Stand To Benefit From Smaller Isps

If there’s still any question in your mind regarding the importance for an Internet connection for your business, then you’re either a small local business with no need or interest in any growth, or you have yet to discover how the Internet, social networks and ecommerce can completely change every single business’s potential for growth and size.

The Internet provides various effective digital marketing options, ranging from entirely free to low in cost. That being said, one factor that stops businesses from connecting their business to the Internet is the cost of connection, installation and maintenance.

Getting an internet connection going often feels like you’re left with little choice for service providers – after all, only major telecommunications giants like AT&T provide competent services for small to medium business, right?

Wrong. There are countless smaller internet service providers operating locally within cities and states – and there are plenty of reasons to utilize the services of these smaller providers and scrappy startups, than the major telecom companies out there.

Smaller ISPs are Often Cost Effective

By working with the providers of effective wireless internet service plans like Safelink Internet, businesses can keep their overall operational costs down while availing of the numerous benefits that digital marketing and ecommerce offers, even on a small scale.

Net Neutrality is an Effective Issue

Many large internet providers like Comcast and Verizon have lobbied to pass laws that would effectively dismantle what is called “net neutrality” – a business-positive rule that levels the playing field for small businesses and large businesses alike. Without that, ISPs could charge companies extra money for faster service, meaning startups would never be able to compete with existing, large services, effectively creating instant monopolies.

This is obviously bad for any small business – supporting smaller ISPs, as per the Daily Dot, can force a change in the landscape. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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