Why Some Women Get a Breast Abscess in NJ

A breast abscess in NJ is typically caused by a bacterial infection in the breast. The bacteria can occur for a variety of reasons and can enter the breast through any tear, rip or scratch in the nipple. The infection is most common in lactating women but has been seen in non-lactating women as well. There are a variety of reasons they occur; understanding these reasons can help you prevent it from occurring or from getting out of hand.

Lactating Women

New mothers are under a great deal of pressure when they are breastfeeding, which puts them at great risk for infections. They can occur as a result of an inconsistent feeding schedule or simply missing a few feedings, regardless of the reason. In addition, women can also suffer from an infection when there is too much pressure on the breasts, such as wearing a bra or shirt that is too restrictive.

Non-Lactating Women

Not every woman who experiences a breast abscess in NJ is lactating at the time. There are a variety of issues that can cause them to occur. Most women are still within their childbearing years, just not pregnant or lactating at the time. A few risk factors that increase your chance of obtaining an infection include being overweight and being a smoker. In addition, anyone with a previous history of abscesses or breast issues in general is more susceptible.

Preventing Infection

While there is no way to prevent an infection from ever occurring, there are small things you can do to minimize your chances. Lactating moms should try to stick to a consistent feeding schedule. While it is difficult, it is best for your body. If you cannot feed your baby when it is time, you should have a pump to excrete the milk and give your body the relief it needs. Non-lactating women should try to maintain a healthy weight and avoid smoking. Any woman, regardless of whether she is lactating, should take good care of her nipples, preventing cracks or splits in them, which gives the bacteria a way into the breast.

Many women are susceptible to suffering from a breast infection, whether they are breastfeeding or not. More often than not, the infection leads to a painful breast abscess in NJ. It is important to know the risk factors, as well as how to prevent them from occurring, to keep yourself healthy and pain free.

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