Why the Need for Auto Hail Dent Repair in Dallas, TX, Is Relatively Common

When vehicle owners need auto hail dent repair in Dallas, TX, they understandably want their car or pickup truck to look just as it did before the storm. Since paintless dent repair is the preferred technique, consumers should look for technicians offering this particular service. For best results, they might want to choose a company that specializes in repairing hail-caused damage.

Hail in the Dallas Area

The Dallas area is no stranger to hailstorms. Residents can expect several of these incidents each year, although the storms may be minor, brief and localized. Some, however, produce hailstones the size of golf balls or even softballs. Those chunks of ice can cause widespread denting on automobiles.

Hail in this region is most common in the spring, which is when thunderstorms are more frequent. The ice stones are associated with strong storm clouds containing a large amount of water. Much of the cloud must be cold enough for that water to freeze and fall as ice instead of rain.

In 2021, the largest hail reported in the Dallas area was 2 inches in diameter. That’s bigger than a standard golf ball, which measures about 1.7 inches. When someone imagines a car being hit by dozens of those stones, it becomes clear why professional auto hail dent repair in Dallas, TX, is necessary.

Automotive Insurance Coverage

Vehicle owners with comprehensive automotive insurance only have to pay the deductible they chose with the policy. Comprehensive coverage pays for the rest.
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