Why Use a Mobile Shredding Service?

Perhaps you have a big mountain of documents filled up with scribbles of bank details and additional personal information and little time. Maybe you own a start-up business which has to run a credit check for customers and therefore, you have collected a variety of paperwork containing very private details. Whichever the case, as you are looking at paper shredding options, paper shredding services ought to be one of your first options that you consider.

As you have to shred private documents you may use the shredder in the office or you can hire our Mobile Shredding Company in Oklahoma City. Below are five reasons why utilizing a shredding service is much better than the office shredder:

​Shredding Services Offer a Document Record of Data Destruction

​If you utilize the office shredder to destroy private paperwork, there isn’t any record of what has been shredded, by whom, or when it has been shredded. Expert shredding services offer a Certificate of Destruction that provides proof of every shred and will protect your company in case of a lawsuit or audit.

It’ll Cost Less Than the Office Shredder

As you consider wages of employees and time it’ll take for them to shred, factor in maintenance costs and depreciation on your shredder, it’ll cost almost two times as much to utilize the office shredder as it will for on-going shredding services.

Permits Employees to Concentrate on Their Jobs

Your staff has better things to do than run the office shredder. Utilizing a shredding service allows your employees to concentrate on the projects you employed them to do.

Assists in Keeping You Compliant with Data Destruction Laws

An excellent shredding provider does more than shred paper. They’re data security experts which may assist your company in staying compliant with the ever-changing state and federal data destruction laws.

Protects your Business, your Employees, and your Customers

If your private documents fall into the wrong hands it may expose your employees and customers to identity theft and information fraud, and subject your business to serious fines, lost business, and bad PR.

For more information on our Mobile Shredding Company in Oklahoma City services contact MidCon Shredding at 888-913-6010.

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