Why Wear Flame Resistant Clothing?

One of the biggest hazards to those that are employed in the electric power industry is electric arc blasts. Although the arc blast lasts for only a fraction of a second, the potential for serious burns is significant due to the extremely high temperature. Arc blast injuries can be very serious and include not only burns but blindness and hearing loss. Wearing flame resistant pants and jackets will go a long way to reduce the severity of burns.

Wearing flame resistant clothing is extremely important:

Flame resistant pants and jackets have certain attributes which provide protection to those exposed to certain hazards:

* The material resists ignition and is self-extinguishing
* The material will not melt onto skin
* The material provides excellent thermal protection

There is no doubt that wearing flame resistant clothing reduces burn injury and with more than 2000 people severely burned every year by arc flash it is easy to understand the importance of correct safety equipment and clothing.

Primary hazards:

Flame resistant clothing protects the wearers against two specific hazards; arc flash and flash fires. Flash fires are usually caused when ignitable liquids, fine dust or flammable vapors come into contact with an ignition source. Temperatures can rapidly reach well over 1,000 degrees F.

* An arc flash occurs when high current passes through ionized air which is caused by an electric fault. An arc flash lasts far less than a second but generates phenomenal heat, molten debris and a pressure wave.

* Flash fires happen most often in industries such a petrochemical or metal refining. Arc flash is predominantly a hazard found in the electric industry.

When a company is fully aware that they have employees that need to be protected from arc flash and flash fires they turn to the protection offered by flame resistant pants and jackets.

To ensure that your employees are well protected from accidental arc flash and flash fire you need to provide them with flame resistant pants. You are invited to shop online by visiting the web site of MPE, Miller’s Precision Enterprises. Like us on our facebook page.

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