Why You Need a Trusted Attorney When Filing a Claim of Nursing Home Abuse

Any type of abuse to an elderly person can be a traumatic event to experience. Family members rely on a team of medical professionals to provide the care their loved one deserves during their golden years. However, the trust they place in the facility can be quickly broken when they discover their family member is being abused by staff members. When it comes to filing a complaint against large corporation nursing homes, it can be a challenging task to complete. Especially, when you are up against aggressive lawyers that try to settle the claim discreetly. You do not want the abuse your loved one has been subjected to swept “under the rug” and why you should hire a nursing home abuse attorney in Sacramento.

Reasons to Hire an Attorney that Specializes in Elderly Abuse

  • They know the seriousness of the claim and focus on protecting the victim.
  • A nursing home abuse attorney in Sacramento has experience going up against large corporations.
  • They have access to experts that can help prove your claim and win your case.
  • A lawyer that specializes in this area knows and understands the elderly law.
  • An attorney will work on building your case for you while you focus on ensuring your loved one’s safety.

Give Your Loved One a Voice with a Respected Advocate

Ed Dudensing Attorney at Law has tried over fifty cases against large nursing homes to help their clients obtain a fair judgment. Their top priority is to speak on behalf of the victim and make sure the large corporation is held accountable for their abuse. A civil suit is the first step to take in making sure the nursing home changes the type of care they provide for their patients and removing staff that neglects or abuses their residents.

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