Why You Need a Workers Compensation Attorney near Whidbey Island WA

Following a work related injury, a person may wonder if they need to hire a Workers compensation attorney in Whidbey Island WA. Although many individuals feel the claim process should be fair and easy to navigate, this isn’t always the case. The claims are paid out by an insurance company, one that is designed to pay the least amount possible for a claim. As a result, this often becomes an adversarial process, and the injured worker needs legal help in this situation. The attorney works to ensure the claim is accepted, the injured party receives the necessary medical treatment and fair compensation is provided.

Often, individuals find their claim is originally denied, as the employer is claiming that the worker has not been injured or that the injury took place outside of work. Individuals may not be aware of the process to be followed when they are hurt on the job, and this can lead to a denial of the claim also. These are only two examples of why some workers’ compensation claims are denied, and there are many others.

Physicians, under the direction of the employer, may push the employee to return to work before his or her injury has fully healed, and a Workers compensation attorney should be called in at this time. The same is true if benefits are approved, yet they aren’t received in a timely manner. Furthermore, some employers may attempt to retaliate against an employee when they file a claim of this type, although this is forbidden by law. The attorney works to resolve the matter, taking legal action when necessary in this situation. Finally, when the injury was caused by a third party or was the result of use of a defective product, the attorney may work to hold others responsible also to obtain more compensation for the worker.

Contact Business Name if you have been injured while on the job. The attorneys at this firm bring more than 85 years of legal experience to each case and have represented attorneys on both sides. Workers compensation is designed to help employees pay for medical bills and provide a source of income as the worker recovers. Learn your legal rights and the options available to you to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. The attorneys at this firm will help you do exactly this.

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