Why You Need Car Insurance

When you’re on the road–whether it be for work, on your way to dinner, or a road-trip–you never know what may happen. Car insurance was created for the safety of the driver and passengers. This protects your from is from staggering payments after an accident or getting set back financially from damage to your car or health.

The Unexpected
Car insurance is important in case you are in a collision, a hail storm hits while your car is parked outside, you hit a deer, medical bills that result from accidents, or for anything else that unexpectedly happens to your vehicle. Without insurance, you would have to pay for your health bills and accident expenses out-of-pocket. Auto insurance companies are like a financial safety net. They can help cover costs.

It is a Requirement
Car insurance varies by state, but drivers must always have proof that they can afford to pay for damages, in the event of an accident. The term is “proving financial responsibility.” You can Google the different requirements by state for more personalized road-trip planning. Don’t break the state laws, avoid legal fees and unnecessary time in court. Focus on having an enjoyable time instead of worrying about any and all freak accident possibilities. In a way, paying for insurance is like buying your peace-of-mind.

Before Car Insurance was a Thing
Did you know that back in the olden days, if you got into a car accident and had a broken rib or bruised neck, you would get absolutely no compensation. If you happened to be the at fault driver and were pursued through court, you would be in crippling debt. This is why car insurance is vital for all drivers.

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