Why You Need Septic System Maintenance in Brazoria, Texas

Maintaining your septic system isn’t complicated, and household septic tanks are generally pumped out every three to five years. The good news is, septic pumping companies in Brazoria aren’t expensive.

The frequency of septic pumping depends on four things:

  • Septic tank size
  • Household size
  • Amount of wastewater generated
  • Amount of solid matter in the wastewater

A small tank and/or a large household will require more frequent pumping. A septic system service contract can help you keep on top of not only general maintenance but also when to pump.

Septic tanks are naturally out of sight and out of mind, and unfortunately, many homeowners only think about pumping when disaster strikes.

Signs your septic tank needs to be pumped:

  • The toilet won’t flush
  • The bathtub, sinks, or shower won’t drain
  • Your yard smells like a sewer
  • Your yard or drain field has standing water

Many newer septic systems have built-in alarms to warn you when the septic tank is almost full, but many older systems don’t.

Pumping is necessary for your septic system to operate properly. A well-maintained septic system is odor-free and does not pose a health threat. On the other hand, a poorly maintained septic system can pose a health threat, not only to your household but also to the community. An unmaintained septic tank not only smells, but it can also spread harmful bacteria into the environment, even down to the groundwater.

If you are looking into reliable septic pumping companies in Brazoria, consider Aqua-Zyme Disposal Systems.

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