Why you Should Choose BlockONE Student Housing Communities in Lincoln Way

Lincoln Way is a hotbed of student apartments and townhomes. The student residences in Lincoln Way, CA, offer the perfect balance of comfort and affordability. The best thing about it is that it has a diverse population. Students from all walks of life live in BlockONE, which has furnished Apartments in Ames, Iowa. They represent a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. This blog post will explore some reasons why students should choose them.


The Lincoln Way student housing communities offer a variety of amenities to students, including a gym, game room, and an on-site convenience store.

Many Layouts

The Lincoln Way student housing communities have many different layouts available to residents. Residents can choose from apartment-style homes with two bedrooms and one bathroom or townhomes with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.


Residents of the Lincoln Way student housing communities pay below-market rates for rent. The prices for rent for all apartments in Lincoln-Way are competitive with other nearby apartment complexes and townhomes in the area. Lincoln Way is the perfect place for students. It is safe, clean, and are the best furnished apartments in Ames, Iowa. The rates are below market, and residents can stay as long as they want, which is not the case with other apartments. People always want to sublet, which is an excellent opportunity for students who may only be in town for shorter periods.

Free Meals

Many Lincoln-Way residents often receive free food in their apartments through their on-site dining program. This is an excellent amenity because it helps students save money while living on campus at UNO. It provides healthy, inexpensive food at all hours, but these residents also get free food through their meal swipe program. This can help save students money while they are living on campus.

Contact BlockONE or visit blockoneames.com today. Their team of highly equipped personnel will be pleased to help you.

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