Why You Should Incorporate SMS Marketing in Your Marketing Strategy

by | Feb 21, 2024 | Internet Marketing

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Businesses need to find a way to cut through the advertising noise to win customers’ attention and dollars. One of the most successful strategies that has gained momentum in recent years is SMS marketing. Here is how your brand will benefit by incorporating this strategy.

Increased Reach

The emergence of SMS platforms has made it easy for businesses to send large-scale marketing messages to their contacts. With a mass texting service, you can simultaneously reach hundreds of customers on their mobile devices, saving you time and effort. Also, by sending SMS, you can reach customers who may not be active on social media.

Higher Open Rates

The average SMS open rate is 98%, four times the open rate of emails. People are likelier to open SMS because they are short and to the point. Also, since they are delivered directly to an individual’s phone, it is hard for individuals to ignore them. Lastly, SMS messages have higher open rates because they often contain time-sensitive information that creates a sense of urgency and encourages recipients to open the message.

Easy to Track Impact

Tracking a marketing campaign’s impact is essential to see what needs improvement. With SMS marketing , you know who your subscribers are and can see how many people clicked on a link in your message. Sometimes, you can even say what they did next on your website – whether they bought, browsed, or added a product to the cart. SMS can be a powerful marketing tool for e-commerce brands when used effectively. You should choose a reputable SMS platform that works well with your brand for optimum results.