Why You Should Invest in Condos for Sale in Midtown West, NYC

by | Feb 11, 2022 | Real Estate

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Beautiful condos for sale in Midtown West, NYC such as Bloom Forty Fifth can be attractive to potential owners, and for several good reasons. Investing in a condo has various perks that buying a home or apartment can’t offer.

They Appreciate in Value

The first thought for most prospective buyers is whether or not their future property will appreciate in value. Fortunately, all condos for sale in Midtown West, NYC appreciate in value due to their prime location, access to amenities, maintenance, and more. Although condos may appreciate in value slower than single-family homes by some percentage, they’re a safer investment as the increase in property value is steady and guaranteed.

Lower Cost

A major draw of condos that attracts buyers is their cost-effectiveness. On average, a condo in NYC is significantly less expensive than a single-family home. As the prices in house markets surge, condos make a suitable alternative. They provide the same, if not better, architecture and utilities – a more for less situation.

More Amenities

If you’re interested in communal living, buying a condo in a bustling neighborhood such as Midtown West is a wonderful investment. Condos offer pools, gyms, grilling areas, resident parks, and even personal outdoor space. These amenities improve your lifestyle while being cost-effective – paying for amenities in condos is less expensive than signing up elsewhere.

Low Long-Term Repair Costs

Condos charge a relatively small fee for maintenance and repairs, which can amount to large savings over time. In a single-family home, you have to pay for all maintenance out of your wallet – including costly repairs such as exterior paint jobs, roof replacement, gutter repairs, and more. The condo’s association takes care of exterior work such as snow removal, repairs, yard work, and so on.