Why You Should Remove Storm Damaged Trees from Your Yard

Hurricanes and other storms can strike at any time. They are most often known for causing damage to houses, property, and land, but they can also cause damage to your trees. If you suspect that your tree has suffered storm damage, then you should contact your tree removal company as soon as possible to prevent further damage in the event the tree is so weak that it could come crashing down.

Diagnosing Your Tree

You might not want to call your tree service in Fayetteville GA if you don’t suspect that your tree is damaged enough to pose a hazard. It is a really bad idea to do so, but if you want to diagnose the problems on your own there are a few ways to assess the damage of your trees. The first step toward assessing the damage done to your tree is to analyze the branches. If the branches are split, hanging off and strewn across your lawn then you certainly need to contact your local tree service. You should not attempt to remove these branches yourself, as there is no telling what other branches are loose on your tree. A Storm damage tree removal in Fayetteville GA will remove the broken branches, and they will get rid of the split bark and other damaged areas.

Blown Over Trees

If your tree has been blown over, or if the roots are showing from one side, then removal is imminent. If the tree is left in that state, then it could be exposed to parasites and other wildlife, which will further damage the tree. This could cause major problems over the long term course of things. If your tree has blown over, then the tree service should be able to clean it up without breaking the bank. There would be no stump grinding involved, and most of the tree should be taken care of with ease. If your tree is tilting, then this complicates matters. Your tree management company will be able to assess the damage upon arrival. Most of these companies offer free quotes, so it is important to at least hear what they have to say.

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