Why You Should Rent in Phoenix

If you’ve decided to move to Phoenix, Arizona the time has come to decide whether you want to rent a home or buy one.  While buying a home certainly has its advantages, renting can be a very smart choice.

Know the Area

Unless you’ve spent a lot of time in Phoenix, you don’t know the city and its surrounding suburbs well enough to make a sound decision about where you want to live.  You can search on a map to see how far you might be from work, school, or entertainment, but you can’t see where traffic jams occur at rush hour.  A school can have a fantastic rating, but when choosing a home you’ll want to know if a neighborhood is full of children or retirees.  When you rush in and buy a house you don’t have all the facts you would have if you lived in the area first.  That’s why rental homes in Phoenix makes a lot of sense.


Buying a house is a big commitment.  Once you get in it is hard to get out again.  Not so with renting!  And if you are waiting to sell your current home you might not be eligible to buy a new house until after your home sells.  When you rent you can always decide to buy a house down the road.  When you buy first, you are not able to move easily should you realize there’s another area that would better suit your lifestyle.

Less Responsibility

It’s ten at night and the air conditioner just stopped working.  If you’re a home owner you will have to make the calls to find a technician to come and make the necessary repairs.  You’ll also be the one writing the check.  If you’re renting, your landlord will be responsible for paying for these repairs (or reimbursing you).  And, if you’ve used a property management company, you won’t have to find a repairman, they’ll have a contractor to send to you.


When you buy a house you need to search and find the right house for you, put in an offer and negotiate the price, then wait through the escrow period.  If you don’t have two months to wait before moving, you’ll want a rental home in Phoenix instead.  Most rental properties are hoping for a quick turnaround between tenants.  While some properties need a few weeks’ notice before you move in, some are available immediately.  If you don’t have time to wait, renting a home is definitely your best option.

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