Windshield Repairs Should Be Made Promptly

by | Sep 8, 2016 | Automotive

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All it takes is a small pebble to hit the windshield when the vehicle is travelling at speed to result in a chip. Road surfaces are covered with debris and often gravel can fall out of the back of a dump truck; whatever the reason, a chip requires immediate attention.

Damage should be attended to promptly:

Those involved in auto glass repairs in Chicago always recommend that the vehicle owner take quick action. When dirt and dust become imbedded in the damaged area it can make it more difficult or even impossible to repair. Even when a repair can be made, if the damaged area is not as clean as it could have been, the results will not be quite as good. The best time to make repairs is while the damage is fresh and not contaminated.

It is not only the difficulty of making a perfect repair, if repairing the damage is neglected, the chip or crack can easily become worse; quick repair usually means minimum repair cost.

How are auto glass repairs in Chicago made?

The repair process is quick and reasonably simple; repairs are something that is made every day by experienced technicians.

The first step is to inspect the damage to see if it can be repaired or if it is of such magnitude that a replacement windshield is needed.

Once it has been determined that repair is the practical solution the area is cleaned. This is why it is important to get the repairs done quickly, if the chip or crack is contaminated with moisture or debris the resulting repair may not be perfectly clear.

Finally, the spot is filled with resin; the resin is cured under a UV light source. Once dried, any excess is removed and a clear, smooth repair is the result.

If your windshield becomes damaged and you can’t get to a repair shop quickly, cover the area with clear tape. This will keep the damaged area clean which makes it more likely a perfect repair can be made.

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