Wood Destroying Insect Inspections in Alexandria VA Uncover Termites and Carpenter Ants

Termites and carpenter ants are the two main culprits in wood destruction in buildings, fences and other wood structures. Termites do substantially more damage because they are social insects and their colonies grow to enormous numbers. Wood Destroying Insect Inspections in Alexandria VA allow property owners to learn whether these critters are on the site and causing any problems.

Often, these types of inspections are scheduled before someone buys a house, especially if they suspect there may be a problem. The building may have been treated in the past for a termite or carpenter ant invasion, for example. Another reason for the inspection is when a neighboring home has been infested with the bugs.

Signs of Infestation

Wood Destroying Insect Inspections in Alexandria VA do not always find the actual bugs because some parts of buildings are essentially inaccessible without damaging walls and floors. However, pest management technicians know the signs to watch for that indicate termite or carpenter ant infestation. Treatment can begin if that evidence is found.

Mud Shelter Tubes

One piece of evidence is the shelter tube that termites build out of mud. They construct these tubes to help them hide while traveling from their underground colony to the place where they can get wood. The tubes keep them safe from predators and even from the circulating air, which they cannot tolerate for very long.

It might seem that these tubes would be obvious to the homeowner. Who could miss a thin line of mud placed evenly across a sidewalk going to the house, especially if one is looking for such a structure? The problem is that the tubes can be cleverly hidden. For example, they might be on the floor of a crawlspace in an area not easily visible from access doors.

Sawdust Particles

Technicians with a company such as Pest Management Services can also find bits of sawdust that are connected with termite or carpenter ant invasion. These particles may not have been noticed by the household residents. Inspections will verify which type of insect has invaded the structure. After this, an effective treatment strategy can be devised.

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