Workers Comp Lawyer Rochester NY FAQs

Q: Why do I need a Workers Comp Lawyer Rochester NY?
A: The workers comp lawyer can help you understand your rights when you’re injured on the job. You may have your company saying one thing and be reluctant to go against their wishes though you are injured.

You must take care of your body and the future ability to work whether it’s at this job or another. This is when it’s time to call a workers comp lawyer who can help you get the money you need to care for yourself while you’re out of work. Workers comp can also cover medical bills.

Q: I was out on workers comp and now my company is making me come back. Do I have to go?
A: No. This is a prime example of when a Workers Comp Lawyer Rochester NY should be called. There are occasions when a company will create a position that accommodates an employee’s medical condition. This is illegal and in some cases can further hurt the worker. If your employer is saying you are fit to return to work when you don’t feel well, it is time to get a second opinion through a workers comp lawyer.

Q: How do I find a workers comp lawyer in my area?
A: Begin your search online. This will yield lawyers in your area who are experienced with workers comp cases. You should further research each lawyer and select a pool of 3-5 attorneys to choose from to take on your case. Most consultations with workers comp attorneys are free. The attorney will tell you of their experience with workers comp cases and how that experience relates to your scenario.

Q: Should the lawyer only work with workers comp claims?
A: Yes. Nearly all lawyers who deal with workers comp specialize in this area of law. It is very rare to find a lawyer well-versed in workers comp law and other areas of law. This is why you want an experienced workers comp attorney. This person will have seen a myriad of workers comp cases over the years and can apply their best skills to your case.

Note that workers comp attorneys often work for only the company’s side or only a plaintiff’s side. A visit to an attorney’s website or a phone call to the office will determine which side this lawyer regularly works with.

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