You Love Your Dog!

You love your dog and it is family to you, so you want to give him, her, or them the absolute best care you can. Unfortunately, there are times that you cannot be with them for any number of reasons, like when you are at work. You might also need to travel and you do not want to traumatize them by sending them to a kennel. These and others are reasons to hire dog walkers in NYC.

Beneficial to Your Dog

There are several benefits that dog walkers provide to your pet, including:

  • Since your home is very likely to be empty eights hours of the day or more, your dog not only needs to go out, but gets lonely without you. He or she craves companionship and attention, which dog walkers can provide them.
  • There are very few dogs who do not love to get outside and take a walk. There is so much to see and smell. It is just as true for your dog as it is for you. Your pet will sleep more peacefully, live longer, and in general, just feel better and happier.
  • Dogs hunger for mental stimulation as well. A change of pace including a visitor during the day or a chance to play makes them more than happy. Like you get mentally stimulated by new people, activities and places, so does your dog.
  • You may have a dog who can go hours without getting a bathroom break, but that can be physically harmful to them. Why should they have to suffer or become traumatized by having an accident?
  • Dogs require fun as much as you do. Sitting alone in their home for hours on end leaves them bored and even depressed at times. Dog walkers can put some fun into their day as well as provide much needed company.

Hiring a professional dog walking service like Smiley Pets who are fully insured, licensed and registered as a professional service by New York State can be one of the best things you can do for your dog.

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